Anchor Meaning In Jewelry: What Do Anchor Bracelets And Necklaces Mean?

anchor necklace meaning
Anchors have been used for thousands of years to prevent ships, boats, and other vessels from drifting off into the sea and getting lost. The anchor, in actuality, has a much deeper meaning than that. It signifies stability, strength, new beginnings, and more.

Anchor jewelry has risen in popularity and rightfully so, given its significance. This article is going to explore the symbol's recurrent use, especially in jewelry, including anchor necklace meaning.

History of The Anchor Symbol

The word "anchor" has been derived from the ancient English, "Ancor,” "Ancra," or "Ancre,” which in turn comes from the Greek word "Ankura," meaning "anchor.”

Anchors similar to the modern versions first appeared around the 1st century in Rome. Similar anchor designs were used in Scandinavia by the 7th century.

Contrary to popular belief, the symbol was not used in the sea first, but on land.

Between 64AD and 313AD, during the Roman Empire, in the early stages of Christianity, those who followed the religion were persecuted. Then, following the Christian religion was against the law.

During these years, Christians used the anchor symbol to identify each other and know which houses were safe to seek refuge in. The anchor was used due to its resemblance to the forbidden cross. When it is combined with the letter Chi in Greek, it can be used as a symbol of hope in Jesus Christ.

The Roman Emperor Constantine the Great and Licinius later legalized Christianity.

Anchor Cross

Anchor Cross or Mariner's Cross is slightly different from the simple anchor. It's a stylized cross in the shape of an anchor, signifying a new beginning or hope.

Saint Clement of Rome, also known as Pope Clement I, was executed tied to an anchor before being thrown into the sea. Hence, he was recognized as a saint and became the patron saint of mariners.

In Latin, the anchor cross was recognized as the "crux dissimulata,” which means the cross was hidden in the symbol of the anchor.

The Anchor's Representation in The Bible

The anchor has been quoted in several parts of the Bible, mainly as a representation of hope.

The word has been used metaphorically in Hebrews 6:19.

"Which hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and steadfast, and which entereth into that within the veil."

"If you fear, Put all your trust in God: that anchor holds.”

Spiritual Meaning of the Anchor

Spiritually, the anchor has various meanings. Psychologically, it can have both positive and negative connotations.

 If you see an anchor in your dreams, it signifies that you are looking for stability, security, or influence that brings these things to your life.

Alternatively, it can also be a symbol of unhealthy emotional attachments, unwillingness to go through change, or avoiding a confrontation. It may be significant to something, a relationship or problem that is holding your back, preventing success.

A Freudian psychologist may interpret the sea as the mother, thus, indicative of dependency on her.

If the anchor is hidden or submerged in water, it can symbolize disappointment, an upcoming trip, or a shift in homes.

When the anchor is depicted with a chain or rope around it, it can symbolize a former Navy member.

Anchor Meaning in Jewelry

anchor necklace meaning

In jewelry, There are a plethora of different meanings that the anchor can take on.

The Sea

The anchor is undoubtedly a symbol of sailing and the sea. The anchor is an excellent symbol for those who have a strong affinity towards the sea. It depicts a connection to the sea.

It can also be interpreted as an ode to the importance of sailing, its significance in exploring the world in history.

Stability and Safety

An anchor keeps a vessel steadfast to prevent it from drifting off. It signifies a strong knowledge and acceptance of who you are. Regardless of the events occurring around you, it depicts a stronghold on your beliefs, values, hopes, dreams, and goals.

It's a representation of strength even amidst chaos. The symbol can be a much-needed reminder of being grounded no matter what happens.

New Beginnings

An anchor is raised when a ship sets sail, marking the beginning of a new era. It is a representation of a new voyage, a novel adventure.

The anchor can be a metaphor for those who have felt stagnant in life for too long and embark upon a fresh, new journey.


The anchor is symbolism for hope and optimism. The weather may become tough to handle, but you hold on and wait for the storm to pass. In times of crisis, your vision stays clear in your mind, and your enthusiasm does not stagger.

During the persecution years, the anchor was interpreted as hope in Christ, which can hold today as well. It can be a representation of hope in any faith and not just Christianity.


For many, the anchor is often a symbol of home. It is an illustration of a safe place to always go back to. A safe place can be a place or a person.

It can also represent somebody who has been a steady rock throughout your life. This person acts as the anchor that you hold onto while passing through troubled waters.


The anchor can symbolize determination and resilience for those going through hard times. It can serve as a reminder for never giving, irrespective of the circumstances.

A few people, often with a tumultuous past, wear a broken anchor. The cracked anchor represents letting go of things, problems, places, situations, or people, who hold you down and moving forward.

It's a pledge for a better future.

Eternal Love and Fidelity

A steadfast anchor is a representation of true commitment and fidelity. It depicts somebody who does not wander during tough times like the anchor does not stray even in rough weather.

It's symbolic of a steady and loyal love where both people share a strong bond through thick and thin. This interpretation makes the anchor the perfect symbol for partners, close friends, and family.


The anchor seems to be balanced, laid upon a four-pointed cross. The crossed horizontal and vertical lines are a symbol of unity between spirit and matter. This is a depiction of personal incarnation.

Another interpretation suggests harmony between the masculine and the feminine energies. The cross within the anchor is symbolic of masculinity, and the crescent moon in the symbol represents femininity.


An anchor necklace usually represents safety, security, trust, and confidence. The anchor bracelet meaning is hope, steadfastness, salvation, tranquility, and good luck. The definition and purpose can be interchanged as it is malleable to suit your interpretation.

Anchor necklaces and bracelets would make the perfect gift for occasions like graduation, Valentine's Day, wedding, etc.


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