Crossbar Necklace Meaning - and Symbolism

crossbar necklace meanings

A piece of jewelry representing a personal connection to our lives automatically becomes more precious than any other regular jewelry. A crossbar necklace is the perfect piece of jewelry for you if you are looking for something that is not only indicative of your special interpretation but is also trendy. The diversity of crossbar necklace meanings is the most appealing aspect of these necklaces for many.

A crossbar provides stability, a connection that personifies that deserves to be held close to your heart. Stability makes you centered and enables you to build a strong foundation. It is a common belief that trapeze artists exchange crossbars as gifts to protect them from falls.

Crossbar necklaces are becoming increasingly popular because of the chic, simple look, and malleable meaning. The crossbar necklace is commonly customized to hold a gemstone, often a birthstone, and text.

 Gemstones carry significant meaning in jewelry, and if you are considering adding a layer to your necklace, you must know the meaning behind them.


Common Gemstones Used For Crossbar Necklaces


crossbar necklace meanings

Alexandrite, also known as "the color-change gem,” is the June birthstone. When you look at it in daylight, its color appears to be a cool greenish blue to dark yellow-green.

 In the lamplight, its color seems to be red with a warm raspberry tone. You can see the change in color when you transition from a fluorescent light to incandescent light.

The value of the gemstone is directly proportional to the distinctiveness of the color changes. The color changes in this rare gem are quite spellbinding. Often associated with magic, this stone is believed to strengthen intuition, enhance creativity, and inspire the imagination.


crossbar necklace meanings

Amethyst, the birthstone of February, was believed to ward off the intoxicating powers of Bacchus by the ancient Greeks and Romans. Amethyst is said to keep the wearer clear-headed and quick-witted. It has been associated with multiple myths, legends, and religions across the world.

The beautiful gemstone complements warm and cool colors, making it perfect for enhancing almost every color in your wardrobe. The abundant availability of the different shapes and sizes of the gem makes it affordable as well.


crossbar necklace meanings

For ages, the timeless gemstone has symbolized youth, hope, wealth, and fidelity. The birthstone of March has a stunning blue color of the sky and water; hence, it is said to embody eternal life. It was popularly believed to be a great anniversary gift for couples due to its soothing influence.

Aquamarines come in a wide range of blues, from pale pastel to a deep color. The darker shades are increasingly rare and, thus, valuable. Smaller aquamarines tend to be less vivid with less intensity.


crossbar necklace meanings

The infamous gemstone, diamond, has been an object of desire since ancient times. Diamond, the April birthstone, is the hardest gem. It is believed to possess healing powers. For centuries, diamonds have been the ultimate gifts and symbols of eternal love.

The globally accepted standard for assessing the stand of diamonds is by analyzing the four Cs of diamond quality - color, clarity, cut, carat weight.


crossbar necklace meanings

The beauty green emerald is known to be a symbol of spring as well as love and rebirth. As the gemstone of Venus, it is also believed to aid in fertility. The gem is also the birthstone of May.

Ancient Egyptian Mummies were often buried adorned with an Emerald carved with the verdure symbol on the necks, symbolizing eternal youth. One of the rarest gems, a deeper and more vivid color of the emerald, signifies a more valuable gemstone.


crossbar necklace meanings

The birthstone of July, ruby, has been considered the king of all gems for centuries. The ruby is known to be a symbol of love, passion, courage, emotion.

One of the most valued gemstones, rubies have been prized possessions of emperors and kings throughout the ages. Rubies can be found in a range of shades from bluish-red, almost purple to orange-red.


crossbar necklace meanings

The word "Sapphire" makes us immediately envision a stunning violet-blue gemstone, fitting considering sapphire Greek means blue. The birthstone of September, it is one of the most popular gems today. Sapphires have represented honesty, loyalty, purity, and trust since ancient times.

Darker sapphires are more coveted but also rarer. It is safe to say that the purer the blue of the sapphire, the greater the price. Sapphires can be found in blue, pink, yellow, orange, peach, and violet colors.


crossbar necklace meanings

The birthstone of November, Topaz is available in shades of yellow, brown, honey, green, blue, red, and pink. Sometimes, colorless topaz can be found as well.

Topaz is generally found in amber gold, yellow, or a blushing pink-orange. The exceptional shades of Topaz are pale pink, sherry red, and blue, the rarest shade of Topaz.

The ancient Egyptians and Romans associated the gemstone with the sun god. It was believed to possess the power to protect and heal. According to legends, Topaz dispels enchantment.


crossbar necklace meanings

Zircon is the birthstone of December. Zircon is available in blue, green, dark red, yellow, brown, and orange. The most popular colors are the vivid blue and bright Caribbean sea colors of zircon.

In the Middle Ages, zircon was believed to aid in resting, bringing prosperity, honor, and wisdom to the owner. Zircons rarity, affordability, and spectrum of stunning colors have contributed to its popularity today.



The crossbar necklace is always a perfect gift for your loved ones and an ideal necklace to keep a connection or person close to you.

If a loved one lives on the other side of the country and you want them close, you can have their name engraved on the crossbar. An important day of your life can be immortalized in a necklace by getting the date engraved on the crossbar.

 It is a thoughtful memorial gift as you can have a meaningful phrase or the deceased’s name engraved. If your dog passes away and you want to commemorate them, what better way than to have them with you at all times, close to your heart?

The possibilities are endless with crossbar necklaces and their symbolism. The flexibility to interpret and customize these unique necklaces is what makes them beautiful.


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