Custom Handwritten Jewelry Gifts - The Complete Buying Guide


custom handwritten jewelry gift

Clothes fade, tear, and go out of style. Electronics are updated regularly. There is always a newer, better version; sometimes before you even get the chance to appreciate it fully. On the other hand, jewelry can be timeless, which makes it the perfect gift. This simple gift could turn into a preserved heirloom.

Most people are always on the lookout for a meaningful gift. There really can be no better personal gift than handwriting jewelry.

Everyone has characteristic handwriting which always gives us a sense of their unique personality. Often, just by looking at the style of writing, you can recognize the writer. Pieces of paper with your loved one’s handwriting become treasured keepsakes.

The personal touch of handwriting integrated with the timelessness of jewelry is the perfect gift for your loved one. Custom handwritten jewelry is the answer to your dilemmas.

How to Transfer Handwriting to Jewelry?

custom handwritten jewelry gift

For centuries, words have been etched on to jewelry by the hands of the engraver. Hand engraving is when patterns and words are carved into metal by a person wielding a hand-held graver or chisel for stunning, artistic inscriptions. In this method, words are generally engraved in a traditional script or block fonts in structured lettering.

Modern magic brings with it laser engraved handwriting where a snippet of handwriting can be exactly reproduced. The words, handwriting, and emotion are preserved forever, exactly the way they were originally. Engraving handwriting creates the replica of the handwriting with all its quirks, using a laser.

When you turn handwriting into jewelry, it is important to consider the size of handwriting to the size of the jewelry you are buying. Handwriting is easy to read across 4cm on the bottom of a card but shrinking it to fit a 4mm ring can make it too small to read. It is recommended to start with handwriting close to the size you would want it to be on the jewelry.

When it comes to the color of the writing, dark handwriting on light backgrounds tends to produce better results. Lasers can pick up pretty much everything on the page. So, chances are, the smudges or lines present on the original page will be reproduced on the jewelry to some degree.

In case the handwriting has very tall capital letters and long loopy tails, the text will have to be made smaller to fit the available space. Block letters of the same size may be easier to read but you may lose the personal characteristics you adored in the handwriting.

A question that may come to mind if you are considering laser engraving is that "Will the engraving rub off?" Laser engraving will stay intact as it is carved into the metal and does not just sit on top of the metal.

However, laser engraving is not as deep as hand-graving. Over many years, if there is a lot of wear and tear then you may notice the writing looking a bit faint. Like all jewelry, wear and tear will depend on the frequency of use and maintenance.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Customized Jewelry

1. Material

There are a variety of materials available in the market that can be used for making personalized jewelry. The most popular materials include stainless steel, sterling silver, and gold. Based on your preference, more importantly, your loved one's taste, you can choose your material.

Another important factor to consider is that some people have allergies to certain materials. It would put an obvious damper on your gift if the recipient were allergic to the material.

2. Design

Be sure to take the time to pick a piece of jewelry. You can browse through the internet and explore all the possibilities so you can find one that speaks to you.

The meaning behind the design you choose is significant. This is especially so if the jewelry is designed for couples or children.

If none of the available models interest you, you can always draft your own and inquire with your jeweler. As mentioned before, once you choose your preferred design, it's important to consider the size and font.

3. Dimensions

An important aspect to consider while buying handwritten engraved jewelry is the dimensions. Suppose you want to gift a necklace. Ideally, a personalized necklace should be on the collarbone. The market offers many different sizes, so it's important to choose the best size and length that suits you.

Similarly, for a customized ring, you would need to be sure of the size before placing an order. In some cases, resizing cannot be done, and if it can be then it may cost you extra.

The thickness of the piece of jewelry would depend on the material used to make it. For instance, sterling silver jewelry is made thicker than, say, gold. By taking note of this, you can choose your preferred item.

4. Brand Value

Dealing with established businesses increases the possibility of the product and service to be of good quality. Particularly, if you are buying from the internet, you need to be careful of fraud.

Checking the reviews and testimonials is a good way to ensure the authenticity of the business. It is recommended that you do a thorough background check on the jeweler. An authentic jeweler will most likely have a certification of organizations like the American Gemological Society (AGS), The World Gold Council, the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers (NAJA), etc.

5. Competition

Before deciding to settle on a jeweler, you must thoroughly research the competitors. This will not only help you know exactly what you want but also, give you an idea of the market value, available designs, etc.

If you are buying the jewelry online, you can visit the local shops and compare the services as well. You should take full advantage of the myriad of products displayed.

Knowing the competitors also helps if you are looking to get a discount. This way, you will know if you are getting ripped off. Suppose you choose a diamond rose ring, you can take it to multiple sellers and get a quote. Hence, you can get the jewelry that fits your budget.

6. Specifications

You must comb through the fine print to be sure of the item you are getting. Ensure that you understand every detail and in case of doubt, ask your jeweler or do extensive research. Inquire about the durability, warranty, quality, and features to make sure that you are getting the best product.

Purchasing jewelry is usually a big investment and you want the most suitable item. So, be sure to go through the return policy, in case the item is not to your satisfaction.

Some sellers may make it complicated and pricy to get a product returned. Before committing, you need to get a proper clarification from the jeweler.

Best Custom Handwritten Jewelry Gifts

1. Handwriting Necklace • Personalized Signature Jewelry in Sterling Silver • Memorial Jewelry • Custom Anniversary Gift • Gift For Her • NH01

This is an amazing gift idea for your loved ones. The necklace is created with a phrase written in your handwriting.

2. Signature Ring • Memorial Signature Jewelry • Custom Actual Handwriting Ring Sterling Silver • Name Ring • Sympathy Gift • Mom Gift • RM01

This is an especially awesome idea for a wedding party or any woman in your life. A great part of this product is that they ship worldwide too.

3. Personalized Engraved Handwritten Spinner Tungsten Ring Spinning Satin Center Finish & Polished Edges - 8mm - Lifetime Size Exchanges

The men in your life deserve just as much love and appreciation as women. This gift is a great way for them to keep a heartfelt handwritten message with them at all times.

4. Double Name Ring • Two Name Ring in Sterling Silver, Gold and Rose Gold • Personalized Gift For Mom • Best Friend Gift • RM42F68

This stunning, unique ring is an ideal choice to show off a forever commitment. The variants in the choice of material just add to their specialty.

 5. Joelle Jewelry Design Handwriting Bracelet Personalized Memorial Signature Bracelet Custom Signature Bracelet - 925 Sterling Silver  

This gift is a great way to forever cherish a special message especially from a passed on loved one.

6. handwriting necklace handwriting jewelry Personalized jewelry Gold Filled 14K Name necklace, initial necklace, Signature Necklace

The delicate pendant is an excellent gift for your special someone to keep your unique signature close to their heart.

7. Custom Name Ring w/ Engraved Band • Children Name Ring • Dainty Name Jewelry • Personalized Name Ring • Gift for Her • Gift for Mom •RM38F17

This is a beautiful variation on the personalized name ring theme. With a twisted band, the product is handcrafted and makes a worthwhile gift.

8. Actual Handwriting Necklace • Personalized Handwriting Jewelry • Signature Necklace • Memorial Jewelry • MOTHER'S GIFT • Grandma Gift • NH01

This is perfect for your loved ones who adore their pets. The small paw prints are sure to steal your and your loved one's heart. This is especially perfect for a pet mom on mother's day.

9. Personalized Ring - ACTUAL Handwriting Jewelry - Engraved Silver Wedding Band - Memorial Jewelry

With this gift, you can have your handwritten note engraved in the interior, exterior, or both. This special ring is sure to make your wedding even more memorable for your partner.

10. Handwriting Jewelry, Personalized Silver Tie Clip, Handwriting Tie Clip, Signature Tie Clip, Groomsmen Gift, Memorial Tie Clip, Men's Gift 

This one of a kind tie clip is as special as it gets. With this lovely gift, your partner can keep a piece of you with them even while working.


Customized gifts speak directly to the recipient's heart. Handwritten jewelry as a gift allows your loved one to keep you with them through time and space. It helps express your love, gratitude, and appreciation uniquely. Your connection with them is not only strengthened by these gifts but can also be preserved and celebrated for generations to come.

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