Infinity Symbol Meaning in Gifts and Necklaces

infinity symbol meaning

The infinity symbol meaning is quite the paradox, simple yet complex. The simplicity is from its core meaning, 'eternal' or 'boundless' while the complexity is from the seemingly endless variations and modifications of the meaning across cultures and sciences. Even after thousands of years, with the abundance of information available about the figure eight, the symbol retains an eerie mystical quality.

The Tale of Figure Eight

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Derived from the Latin word, 'infinitas', the word infinity means endless or eternity. The word is used for describing events or feelings that are eternal, and limitless. In a finite world where there is an inevitable end to everything, the infinity refers to an eternal that is everlasting and enchanting. Perhaps, that's the reason for humans' continued fascination with the concept of infinity.

The word for infinity in Greek is 'Apeiron'. Despite having the same meaning as unbounded and immeasurable, it was used in a negative sense during its time. 'Apeiron' used to mean 'out of chaos, without defined form, or crooked.’ According to Aristotle,"...being infinite is a privation, not a perfection, but the absence of a limit..."

Thus, infinite is to be without limit, to be endless and eternal.

There are variations to the origin of infinity and the word itself in various cultures.

India and Tibet

In India and Tibet, the infinity symbol represents the balance of two co-existing opposite forces - male or sun, and female or moon. The section where the two lines meet depicts the unity of the two forces. It essentially represents perfection and harmony.


Celtic Knots are similar to the infinity symbol - there's no start or end. There are several forms of the Celtic knot, with each knot having a different illustration. However, the fundamental meaning remains the same, that is, the limitless circle of life.


Greek philosophers like Plato and Pythagoras argued that all things are finite in the world and can be represented by a defined set of values. They went on to say that 'good' was a measurable term and therefore, finite.


Derived from the Latin word 'Lemniscatus', another word for the infinity symbol is Lemniscates. The ideology comes from Ouroboros, an ancient image of a serpent or dragon biting its tail. The ancient symbol represents the endless cycle of birth, death, and rebirth.

The snake's skin-sloughing is symbolic of the transmigration of souls; the biting of the tail represents fertility whereas the tail and the mouth depict the phallus and the womb, respectively.

In Egypt, the Ouroboros was first seen in an Egyptian funerary text in 14th century B.C. It debuted in western tradition through Greek magical practices and went on to be adopted in Gnosticism, Hermeticism, and alchemy.


Gnosticism, meaning 'to have knowledge', is a set of beliefs, systems, and cultures that came from early Christian and Jewish sects in the 1st century A.D. According to the belief, the serpent biting its tail represented eternity and the soul of the world. The Ouroboros was believed to encompass the world, completing the circle of life by biting its tail.


Related to Gnosticism, Hermeticism is the pursuit of knowledge regarding spiritual mysteries. The movement was based on the writings of Hermes Trismegistus, a Greek God likened to Thoth, the Egyptian God of wisdom and magic.


Alchemy is rooted in the belief that everything, including metals, has a universal spirit. It believes that metals contain life and grow inside Earth's womb. There's eternal unity to this interconnectedness. Alchemists desire to break the endless cycle of life and death to gain an eternal destiny.

Modern Interpretation

The infinity symbol, as seen today, was first introduced by John Wallis in 1655. It refers to a notation in one of his calculations. It denotes an endless and boundless quantity in physics and mathematics. No number is larger than this quality.

Today, Scientologists refer to it as the 'eighth dynamic,’ which is the desire for an infinite and eternal existence, and it also refers to 'the supreme being' or 'the creator' - embracing the wholeness and endless capacity of all.

Additionally, the infinity symbol has transcended to become a representation of eternity and endless love in contemporary designs. The symbol, now, has a permanent place in jewelry. The infinity symbol was used for the 'women's empowerment bracelet' that was shown in the U.N. news conference. The bracelet represented a "future without limitations for all women".

The Infinity Symbol in Gifts

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When attached to gifts, the infinity symbol is a mark of a long term sustainable relationship and an endless connection. The timelessness of an infinity symbol gift can turn a special gift into an extraordinary story.

For example, a ring itself is seen as a symbol of eternal love and commitment but when combined with the infinity sign, it creates a captivating, adored narrative.

An infinity symbol necklace stays close to the heart and in a way, directly binds the one giving the gift with the recipient. It is much more valuable than any other gift. It is a piece of you that can be attached forever to your loved one.

The infinity symbol's meaning is not limited to one meaning in different relationships. The symbol can denote varied meanings in separate relationships.

Between friends, the infinity sign would be symbolic of eternal support, acceptance, and well wishes. Following the Indian and Tibetan meaning of balance between male and female, the symbol signifies boundless love, affection, and commitment between intimate partners.

Amongst colleagues, the sign could represent professional support, success, and abundance. For kids, the infinity symbol could be symbolic of the endless opportunities, adventures, and milestones in life. Religious people wear the infinite cross as a symbol of their love for God.


An infinity symbol gift is an excellent way to show your everlasting love for your friends and family. Moreover, it represents eternity, balance, and all that the ancient symbol has always meant. The simplistic design combined with the profound meaning of the infinity symbol makes it the perfect gift to emphasize the undying love you have for the beloved people in your life.

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