The Guide to Modified Infinity Symbols: Double Infinity, Infinity with A Heart, and More

infinity and a heart meaning

The elegance, combined with the beautiful meaning behind the infinity symbol, makes it iconic. The timeless symbol means eternal or limitless. The immensely popular design has found permanence in jewelry and tattoo arts.

Over the ages, the design has had multiple synonyms such as the Lemniscate, the forever symbol, or the eternity symbol.

 The word "infinity" has been derived from "infinitas,” the Latin word for "unboundedness.” This Latin word comes from the Greek word "apeiros," which means "endless.” Although today the diversity of the infinity symbol meaning is vast and malleable, it has been used since ancient times.


Infinity Symbol Meaning in The Past

The symbolic sideways figure 8 is believed to have originated in Tibet and India. According to these cultures, the seamless dual loops were an ode to the dualism between males and females. The symbol represents the perfect balance between the male and the female.

The Greek word "Lemniscate" means ribbon. The shape can be imagined as a twisted ribbon with no beginning or end. When you trace along with the Infinity "ribbon,” you never reach an ending as the loop continues forever.

The idea originated from the mystical symbol of a serpent biting its tail, the Ouroboros. It is a symbolism of immortality, continuity, self-fertilization, or eternal reproduction and endless return.

The infinity symbol appears in multiple mysterious Celtic knot designs. Identical to the infinity symbol, these designs have no beginning or end, which references the eternal cycle of life.

The infinity symbol was used in mathematics and physics for the first time in the 17th century. In 1655, English mathematician, John Wallis, used the symbol to refer to a larger quantity than any number. This quantity has no bounds or end.

With the evolution of time, the infinity symbol has taken on various meanings with slight modifications to its design.


Infinity Symbol with Names

infinity and a heart meaning

With the profound meaning behind the infinity symbol, it was inevitable to have it tied into a representation of eternal relationships in contemporary designs and modern arts.

Most people associate the sign with endless love, where the two sides of the sign are symbolic of two people coming together in a relationship forever.

When you add names to the symbol, you embed them together in the infinite universe, linking each other for eternity. The relationship that the symbol refers to does not have to be romantic. It could signify love between family or friends or with God.


Spiritual Meaning of the Infinity Symbol

The infinity symbol's shape is a reminder of the number 8. In numerology, the number 8 symbolizes ambition, wealth, efficiency, and power. In religious contexts, the number 8 represents those who have been through the seven phases of arousing and have passed through the seven heavens.

The infinity symbol metaphysical meaning is all about spiritual growth and a re-establishment of our unity with Creation or the universe.

The spiritual meaning of the symbol is connected to resurrection and regeneration energy as well. The infinity sign is also considered to be a symbolism of happiness and paradise.


Infinity with A Heart Meaning

The infinity and heart meaning

The infinity and heart meaning of the simple symbol is limitless and boundless love. The infinity with a heart meaning goes beyond the promise of the infamous "till death do us apart.”

Although it is increasingly popular jewelry or tattoo choice for couples, it is widely used for friendship and family. A connection doesn't have to be strictly romantic to be eternal.

Polyamory Symbol

The infinity heart is a popular representation of polyamory for some people. The symbol consists of a red heart with a blue infinity symbol going through it. This is to represent the open and boundless nature of love. The symbol is hugely significant in polyamorous relationships. Rather than the infinity symbol, the Lemniscate demonstrates openness, which is the key concept of polyamory.


Infinity Cross Meaning

jewelry symbolism

The Infinity cross is a representation of a person's commitment to their belief in God. It is a proclamation of faith. The cross is also a symbol of Jesus Christ's everlasting love, which allows eternal life.

While the infinity symbol has significance in multiple religions, it represents the Eternal Being or God, in Christianity. Religious people often wear the infinity cross as a statement of their love for God and eternal promise to their religion.


Double Infinity Meaning

double infinity meaning

The double infinity meaning, according to the Celtic culture, is double absoluteness. The symbol is of two intertwined infinity signs, which symbolize the coming together of two enteral commitments. The symbol is the embodiment of the universally admired phrase, "together forever.”

The double infinity symbol, also known as the infinity x infinity sign, is an eternal promise of two individuals who choose to commit to each other.


Infinity Symbol with An Anchor Meaning

Infinity Symbol with An Anchor

The function of the anchor is to hold a ship down. So, it is a famous symbol of strength and stability. When combined with the infinity sign, it represents the steady strength of a boundless unity. The symbol is an illustration of an unbreakable bond with another person, or with the world.



With the numerous modifications in the infinity symbol, the sign can take on multiple meanings.

For many people, the symbol is a representation of the unlimited opportunities offered by life. For others, it could depict the infinite possibilities of a single choice. For example, if you chose to have coffee one day, it could lead to meeting someone new at the shop who could become a significant part of your life.

Similarly, if you chose to have a smoothie in the morning, you could run into someone from your past who frequents the same store. It is a depiction of each individual being infinite.

All the meanings have a standard concept, i.e. infinity or oneness. The idea of eternity has always been tremendously appealing to humans, perhaps because we have finite years in the physical realm.

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