Top Bracelets With Meaning To Use As Tasteful Gifts In 2020

bracelet with meaning

The look of joy on your loved one's face when you give them a gift is a sight to behold. You always want to gift them the most special items so they can be treasured.

What can be more treasurable than some meaningful jewelry?

Moreover, the grace and timelessness of a bracelet with meaning are undeniable, making it arguably the best gift. Bracelets are easy and comfortable to wear and can be paired with virtually any outfit. Whenever your loved one looks at the bracelet, they will be reminded of you and your shared connection.

A bracelet is an excellent gift fit for any and all occasions, be it birthdays, anniversaries, etc. In a challenging year like 2020, everyone could use some extra love and support. You might be stuck in a place away from your loved ones, but a simple gift of a bracelet could make their day. A reminder of somebody thinking of you and loving you, even from afar, maybe just the reassurance your loved one needs.

There is a myriad of different types of meaningful bracelets. Listed below are some of the best meaningful bracelets you could give as a gift in 2020.

Infinity Bracelet

The elegant and stunning infinity symbol has been an important part of various cultures for centuries, if not a millennium. The symbol holds its significance to this day, being one of the trendiest designs worldwide.

The infinity bracelet signifies unity, eternity, and everlasting love. The sign also symbolizes the endless cycle of life and love. In recent times, it has been used as a symbol for women empowerment.

There are various modifications of the infinity bracelets. The most popular adaptations are infinity with a heart, double infinity, infinity with an anchor, and infinity with names.

The meaning changes slightly with the modification, but the core message remains the same, i.e., boundless and endless. For example, the infinity with an evil eye would signify protection against bad luck and any harm for an eternity. The infinity with a heart would symbolize eternal love and commitment.

The sign’s versatility makes it the perfect gift for a mother, partner, sister, and friend.

Horseshoe Bracelet

A horseshoe bracelet has become exceedingly popular in the past few years. The symbolism of the horseshoe comes from a few tales dating back as far as the middle ages.

In the Middle ages, it was believed to ward off evil spirits as it was made of iron. Blacksmiths were considered lucky as they made horseshoes with fire and iron, two powerful elements.

The legend of Dunstan, a 10th-century blacksmith, associated the horseshoe with Christianity. As per the legend, the Devil walked into Dunstan's shop and asked him to shoe his horse. Dunstan readily agreed, but he nailed the shoe onto the Devil's foot instead of the horse's hoof.

The Devil was forced to beg the blacksmith to remove the shoe. He vowed never to enter a house with a horseshoe nailed onto its door. Dunstan removed the shoe, and following this; he had a long and illustrious career as the Archbishop of Canterbury.

According to another tale, in ancient Europe, before the Chaldeans, the horseshoe's crescent shape represented moon goddesses. The goddesses were trusted to protect the believer and provide good luck and protection, warding off evil.

The superstitions of evil spirits may not be very prominent today, but the thought is what counts. A horseshoe bracelet makes for a chic, stylish, and lucky gift.

Dreamcatcher Bracelet

The infamous dreamcatcher has its origins in Native American cultures. The dreamcatcher is believed to act as a filter from a dream. Like a spider's web, it traps the bad dreams and nightmares, only letting good dreams to pass through.

Some cultures, like the Lakota, believe the opposite. According to their legend, the dreamcatcher captures good dreams and ideas on the web while the bad ones pass through the hole in the center, gone forever.

2020 has posed continuous obstacles for people around the world. In times of distress such as this, many people tend to experience nightmares and negative thoughts. Your loved ones could be one of them.

Gift your beloved a dreamcatcher bracelet as a gesture of not only protection but also love and care.

Morse Code Bracelet

The Morse code bracelet is a growing trend as it can represent a clear message with style. These bracelets are highly customizable so that it can resonate with your loved ones on an individual basis.

The message will be small yet bold. The story could be of a joyful memory, a strong and healthy relationship, a dear person, or a pet. With a Morse code bracelet, you can also provide daily encouragement to your loved one without actually being there.

The Morse code bracelet can simply be anything you want it to be. It can be a powerful statement, a beautiful story, a heartbreaking or painful memory, or just a message.

Snake Bracelet

While a live snake can evoke horror like no other, the snake motif has been charming and popular. Snakes or Serpents are one of the most ancient mythological symbols.

Snakes symbolize a wide variety of concepts, ranging across cultures all around the world. Dating back thousands of years, the snake signifies good, evil, reincarnation, poison, passion, death, eternal love, and fertility.

History points to many negative meanings of the symbol, but surprisingly, the symbol has sacred, positive connotations in various cultures as well.

Ancient Egyptians believed the serpent to be a representation of royalty and even deity. In Hinduism, it's a popular symbol of desire as well as believed to be a God and Lord Shiva's companion. The Romans had a range of different interpretations, including everlasting love and a symbol of wisdom.

The Greeks look toward the serpent as a symbol of Aesculapius, the god of medicine, and of wisdom. The Hebrews, Native Americans, and Africans have bestowed the creature with different meanings such as rebirth, transformation, sexuality, and desire.

As a bracelet, the serpent can take on various meanings, as History has proven. For example, the symbol could be used as a positive message of embracing transformation, or as a warning to avoid temptation.


A calamitous year such as 2020 calls for unique, expressive gestures filled with love. Gifts, especially unique and memorable jewelry, have been a significant way of showing support for ages. A sophisticated bracelet with a deep meaning might become the anchor your loved one needs to power through this year and their life.

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